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When Should You Consider a Bone Graft? | Periodontics, Wichita, Kansas

Periodontics in Wichita
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A dental bone graft is a procedure that replaces missing bone with bone from other areas of your body (or synthetic tissue) to encourage regeneration and help restore bone volume and density. These procedures have become an important aspect of dentistry and periodontics as an adequate bone foundation is essential for successful dental implants and can help patients combat a variety of other issues. While it is always necessary to consult with your dentist and oral surgeon to determine if a bone graft procedure is a suitable option for you, our experts at Cambridge Family Dentistry, a trusted provider of periodontics in Wichita, Kansas, have detailed some circumstances when you may want to consider a bone graft procedure. Check them out below!

  • Types of Bone Graft Procedures

    During a bone graft procedure, your oral surgeon will make an incision in the jaw and graft bone (or synthetic tissue) from another area of the body to the jaw. While the preferred bone grafting material among professionals experienced in periodontics is the use of bone tissue obtained from the patient’s own body, such as the chin, shin, or hip, there are five different types of bone grafting tissue sources available, including:

    • Autografts—The use of bone tissue obtained from the patient’s own body, typically extracted from the chin, shin, or hip area.
    • Allografts—The use of bone tissue from a human donor, typically cadaver bone neutralized by treatment.
    • Xenografts—The use of inorganic portions of animal bones; cows are a common source of bone for this type of graft.
    • Alloplasts—The use of bone created from hydroxyapatite, a mineral that naturally occurs in bone.
    • Ceramic-based Grafts—The use of ceramic material or another material such as calcium or bioactive glass.
  • Candidates for Dental Bone Grafts

    Whether you are receiving a dental implant or looking to enhance your physical appearance previously affected by bone loss, a bone graft may be the perfect solution for you. Not only can a bone graft prevent additional bone loss and long-term health complications, but it can also help combat the deterioration caused by gum disease and even correct the physical tolls of a previous injury. Potential candidates for a bone graft procedure may include individuals dealing with the following issues:

    • Dental Implant—If you suffer from a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, it is more than likely that the bone once supporting your teeth has started to deteriorate, meaning that you will potentially need a bone graft surgery before having your dental implant placed. When undergoing a dental implant procedure, your oral surgeon will place a titanium post underneath the gums and secure it to the jawbone, so the bone must be dense enough to support the post. This will help ensure the implant is successful and has sufficient bone to support proper healing and promote bone fusion.
    • Gum Disease—Gum disease and periodontal disease may also cause your jawbone to deteriorate and affect your overall mouth health. If you have experienced extensive bone deterioration due to gum disease, you may opt for bone grafting to correct any excessive deterioration.
    • Jaw Injury—A jaw injury may have previously caused trauma to your face or jaw, weakening the density of your jawbone. If you are experiencing a weakening of the jaw due to a previous injury, it may be beneficial for your dentist or oral surgeon to examine your mouth and assess if you require a bone graft to restore your smile.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in all articles published on the Cambridge Family Dentistry website do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff members at Cambridge Family Dentistry.

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