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Root Canals, Wichita, KS

Skills and Experience You Can Trust

The highly skilled and experienced dentists of Cambridge Family Dentistry offer a wide range of dental procedures, including dental fillings, dental crowns, tooth extractions, dental bridges and root canals in Wichita, Kansas. We also have numerous sedation options to ensure you are comfortable during your dental procedure. Contact us at (316) 687-2110 to schedule an appointment!

Available Dental Procedures
  • Dental Fillings

    Cambridge Family Dentistry provides dental fillings to repair teeth damaged by cavities or other factors. When you visit our practice, we will evaluate the damage to your teeth and determine the type of filling material that best meets your needs.

  • Dental Crowns

    When your tooth has been damaged beyond fixing with a filling, our experienced dentists may recommend a dental crown to restore the function, strength and appearance of the tooth. Our dentists will help you determine which type of dental crown is right for your smile.

  • Tooth Extractions

    While our dentists and team do everything we can to prevent tooth extraction, it may sometimes become necessary. When you visit Cambridge Family Dentistry for tooth extraction, we will remove your tooth as gently as possible and work with you to ensure that you heal properly and receive treatment to restore your smile.

  • Dental Bridges

    Cambridge Family Dentistry provides dental bridges to restore the function and appearance of your smile after you have lost one or more teeth. Bridges close the gaps in your smile, restoring and preserving your appearance as well as a healthy, functional bite.

  • Root Canals

    If you are experiencing persistent or intermittent pain, the nerves of your tooth may have been damaged or become infected. Our experienced dentists can provide you with a root canal to alleviate your discomfort and restore the function of the tooth.

Why Sedation May Be Right for You

Cambridge Family Dentistry offers sedation (patient asleep) dentistry to help relieve fear and anxiety, ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed during your appointment. We provide several sedation options to meet your needs and help you receive the care you need. For more information on sedation dentistry and how it can make your dental experience more pleasant, we welcome you to contact us today.

I have been going to Cambridge Family Dentistry for many years. It is always clean, friendly and a nice place to be. Their dental hygienists are top-notch as well. You really cannot find a better place. - C. Reissig
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