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What Happens When Your Dental Crown Is Made

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At Cambridge Family Dentistry, we strive to offer patients very high quality in their dental crowns so that daily use doesn’t wear the crown down. Much of the dental crown creation process is done off site at a a dental lab, but we create the initial dental impression during your visit with our team so that the crown can be custom made. Below you can learn more about how a dental crown is made and the level of care that goes into providing a custom restoration.

The dental technicians at the lab refer to the aforementioned impression to understand the structure of your unique tooth alignment and create a second highly durable impression that will be placed in high heat while your dental crown is made.

Depending on your needs and preferences, metal or porcelain material is placed in the crown mold and heated to about 2400 °F before being heated a second time to be cured (hardened). The crown can be removed from mold after it is cool, and then a few finishing coats are applied to polish the final product. Technicians perform a final exam and then send it to our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry for your fitting.

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