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Whitening Toothpaste Might Help Maintain Professionally Whitened Teeth

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Dental stains can sometimes develop on your teeth when you frequently eat foods like chocolate, dark berries, and tomato sauces or you drink dark beverages on a daily basis. Tobacco users are also at increased risk of suffering from discolored tooth enamel.

While they might sound tempting at first, you will likely find retail tooth whitening products are ineffective at removing significant dental stains. With some individuals, this tempts overuse which can harm teeth and gums.

Rather than risk further complications you can always turn to a dentist like Dr. Dean Wright for a dental bleaching treatment. The simple outpatient procedure can safely remove dental stains from your tooth enamel to restore the natural white appearance of your teeth.

Once this is done you may want to take a few simple steps to help maintain your professionally whitened smile. Reviewing and modifying some of your food and beverages choices is often a good place to start.

Some patients also like to occasionally brush their teeth with quality brand of whitening toothpaste. Just make sure that it has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The small logo can only be printed on products that have been researched, tested and certified as safe for oral use.

If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area and you have significantly stained teeth, you should call 316-687-2110 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Cambridge Family Dentistry.

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