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Exploring the Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth | Cosmetic Dentistry, Wichita, KS

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that using tobacco and e-cigarettes can damage your health, but did you know that one of the biggest risk factors of regular tobacco use is gum disease? While smoking can be difficult to quit, it’s important to understand the overall effects of smoking on your oral health, aside from yellow teeth and bad breath. Our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry, a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry in Wichita, Kansas, has detailed the effects of smoking on your teeth below!

  • Discoloration

    Perhaps the most apparent sign of smoking, tooth discoloration, can quickly result from regular tobacco use. And unfortunately, the more you smoke, the more likely you will experience tooth discoloration sooner, causing your once pearly whites to fade into shades of yellow or brown. Although frequent brushing and flossing can help prevent smoke stains to some extent, whitening toothpaste and other available products will provide little protection against severe discoloration. In this case, you will likely require professional teeth whitening services.

  • Tooth Decay and Bone Deterioration

    Aside from tooth discoloration and bad breath, tobacco smoke can cause serious oral health complications, including tooth decay and bone deterioration. Many dentists observe large cavities in patients that frequently smoke, and these cavities around the gum line eventually weaken the teeth and lead to infection. If periodontal disease or infection near the gum line is never treated, your bone can eventually become damaged and require restorative surgery to treat the affected area in severe cases.

  • Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, is a type of bacterial infection that occurs in your mouth and impacts the health of your gums. At first, you may experience bleeding gums and a generally sore mouth, but in some cases, you may notice excessive gum recession and easy irritability. While periodontal disease may occur in patients with no history of smoking or tobacco use, long-term smoking can increase your chances of contracting gum disease. If you begin experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry, a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry in Wichita, recommends consulting with your dentist as soon as possible to help reverse any damage before it’s too late!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in all articles published on the Cambridge Family Dentistry website do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff members at Cambridge Family Dentistry.

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