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Busting Popular Teeth Whitening Myths | Professional Teeth Whitening, Wichita, Kansas

Professional Teeth Whitening in Wichita
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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic trends in modern times, with endless options available, from at-home whitening kits to professional teeth whitening services. While teeth whitening can offer many benefits to patients struggling with discoloration or staining, it’s important to remember that everything you hear about teeth whitening is not always true! Our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry has years of experience in professional teeth whitening in Wichita, Kansas, and is helping bust popular whitening myths. It’s time to get all the facts before you opt for a brighter smile!

  • “Avoid Teeth Whitening With Sensitive Teeth”

    While you may worry about whitening services if your teeth are already sensitive, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot reap some of the benefits of teeth whitening. If you experience tooth sensitivity but still wish to reduce the stains and discoloration of your smile, our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry recommends consulting a dentist experienced in professional teeth whitening in Wichita to discuss your options and address your concerns. Likely, you will be instructed to use specially-prescribed toothpaste prior to your procedure, and your dentist may use a desensitizing gel or rubber gum guards throughout the treatment.

  • “Teeth Whitening Is Permanent”

    Contrary to popular belief, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution and requires touch-ups frequently. Professional teeth whitening procedures performed at a dentist’s office may last up to three years, requiring follow-up appointments after six months, while at-home treatments may need more frequent applications to maintain the color you desire. The longevity of your whitening treatment will also be dependent upon a variety of personal factors, including your oral health, which whitening option you use, and your eating and drinking habits. If you are an avid coffee drinker or smoker, you will likely require more frequent whitening applications!

  • “Crowns and Veneers Can Be Whitened”

    If you have crowns, veneers, or fillings, you may be surprised to know that teeth whitening procedures can create unevenly-colored teeth. Because crowns and other corrective materials are composed of inorganic matter, they will not respond to teeth whitening as your natural teeth will. If you plan on having any future fillings, veneers, or crowns, keep this in mind, and schedule any teeth whitening services before your other procedures!

  • “Teeth Whitening Can Remove All Stains”

    Teeth whitening products are typically advertised as the best way to remove stains and reduce tooth discoloration, but it’s important to be aware that teeth whitening products cannot eliminate all discoloration and staining. As patients get older, enamel becomes thinner, revealing more of the yellow dentin layer underneath the tooth. Because of this, your teeth may begin to appear grayer, something that no amount of teeth whitening could completely fix. This is why it is best to consult with your dentist before undergoing whitening services to ensure that your goals can easily be met!

  • “At-Home and Professional Whitening Are the Same”

    Many patients opt for at-home or DIY whitening kits in an attempt to save some money, but the truth is, whitening gels used by professionals are much stronger than whitening strips or kits purchased at the drugstore. Additionally, your dentist and dental assistant will be properly trained on these products and will be able to measure and determine the ideal amount of bleach and whitening gel that works for your smile. Should you attempt to whiten your teeth at home, you run the risk of overusing or incorrectly using your products.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in all articles published on the Cambridge Family Dentistry website do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff members at Cambridge Family Dentistry.

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