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Setting forth an effective tooth hazard prevention plan to keep your smile safe includes making sure you’re avoiding bad habits or any unhealthy lifestyle choices that can easily cause dental damage. Tooth hazards can destroy your smile in seconds, so it is important to always be prepared and have effective prevention plans in place to minimize risk to your teeth and gums.

Tooth hazards often arise due to numerous causes, and can even be related to foods and drinks that you’re consuming. The risk of stains and discolorations is present in numerous drinks including wines and coffee. Furthermore, these products can even cause dental erosion as wines tend to be extremely acidic. In addition, smoking tobacco products have been known to also stain teeth and lead to serious other forms of oral health ailments including tooth loss and cancer. To keep your teeth safe, improve your diet and avoid unhealthy habits.

Chewing on inedible products is a known risk factor for your smile. By biting your nails, or chewing on pencils, pen caps, or ice, you greatly risk severely harming your teeth and gums due to a laceration of your gums and chipping and cracking your teeth. Never use your teeth for habits for which they are not equipped. Teeth are only meant for chewing. Furthermore, never use your teeth to open product packaging. This includes bottle openers and plastic packaging that can potentially knock teeth out.

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