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Thank you for visiting Cambridge Family Dentistry, your dental care provider in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding areas. We invite you to leave us a review detailing your experience with our dentists and team. If you are new to the area, we encourage you to read our reviews and learn what our patients have to say about their dental care. To learn more about our dental services, and to schedule your next appointment with Drs. Dean Wright, Neda Vessali, Christopher Polk, Alan Herrman, Kelly Johnson, and Grant Laham, please contact our practice at 316-687-2110. We look forward to hearing from you.

5-starsIt’s been almost two years now since that procedure and I honestly can’t imagine not having the implants. Why in the world anyone wants regular dentures clicking and clacking in their mouths, never sure if they’ll stay put, when modern technology gives us the choice of mini dental implants? Dr. Wright, thank you. You and your staff are brilliant.
– Maureen
5-starsThe staff and Drs at Cambridge are amazing!! I live 4 hours away from Wichita and they made sure I was taken care of before I left to go home! Kelly the Hygentist that worked with me was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable the whole way through and when other things had to be done my normal dentist Dr Hermann was not there so Dr Polk took care of me so I didn’t have to leave in pain. I would recommend anyone to Cambridge and any of the staff!! Cambridge Family Denistry is top on my list!!
– Denasa
5-starsDr. Vessali literally changed my life completely and gave back to me a confidence in myself that I haven’t had in years. I feel so blessed because of what she has done for me. I now smile all of the time, I eat all of my favorite foods like cashews and corn on the cob, absolutely everything I want that I was unable to eat before. I enjoy every minute of my life now. Cambridge Family Dentistry’s staff was amazing.
– Teresa
5-starsI can’t begin to explain how this surgery truly changed the way I feel about myself. I smile a lot now and I enjoy a good steak now and again.
– Richard
5-starsDr. Johnson and Amber were exceptional. Julie the hygienist does a great job as well. We’ve been going to Cambridge for many years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
– John
5-starsThank you Dr. Polk and Amanda for making me feel so comfortable during my appointment at Cambridge Family Dentistry. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t judge and you took time to explain to me how you can help me with my situation. I look forward to returning to Cambridge Family Dentistry to see what you can do to restore my smile.
– Sheila
5-starsI was well pleased and not once did I think that I cannot tolerate the procedure……I will be back and am not afraid of whatever h as to be done….It is so wonderful to not dread or be afraid of what will be done….see you next Tuesday….
– E. Lucille
5-starsSwitched from a very large practice to Cambridge about a year ago and am very pleased. Smaller office with personable people – you’re not just a name on a calendar that’s getting pushed thru. Definitely recommend Dr Hermann and Dr Johnson!
– Natalie
5-starsI love Cambridge! I started going here a long time ago after a bad dental experience. The front desk is fantastic, and always helps me to get in if it is an emergency. The doctors are great, and I have seen almost all of them. Recommend highly!!
– Cindy
5-starsI’ve gone to Cambridge family for years. I love Dr. Wright and his assistant Riva.
– Sonja
5-starsAwesome facility, friendly staff. I adore Dr. Johnson and Amber!
– Shannon
5-starsWe have been Dr. Wright’s patients for over 25 years and can easily say he and his staff are the best! The quality of work, customer service, and just nice people are superior.
– Louise
5-starsDr Christopher Polk is phenomenal at what he does. Went in for extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges and fillings. I am someone that doesn’t like to go to the dentist like most people, but I kept going back to see all the work that needed done thru. Not an easy order to fill, looking back now at all of it; it was worth it and my procrastination / Resistance didnt keep me from returning. I have to attribute that to Chris an the staff that supports him.
– Jonah
5-starsI love the way we are treated by all of the staff. Dr. Wright is so caring and explains just what he is going to do, before he does it. We have never had that before. It makes the long trip worth it.
– Marilyn
5-starsUntil my experience with Dr. Johnson and Amber, visiting a dentist was always painful, unpleasant, and frankly traumatizing. Dr. J and Amber not only are hilarious and we spend my visits cuttin’ up and making jokes, but they’ve put together a comprehensive plan for my care and adjusted it to my own hectic schedule and financial situation. I always feel welcome when I come in, and leave with a smile (albeit a drool-y one). I thought dental pain was just going to be a constant part of my life forever. We still have a lot of work to do, but I feel I’ve come so far thanks to all their hard work. I LOVE YOU GUYS.
– Holly
5-starsThis is my third month with Cambridge and I could not be happier. From my very first call to Cambridge until now, Cambridge staff has been absolutely wonderful…everyone!!! They are very patient oriented. Dr. Herrman and Devria have been the best and I NEVER had a time I could not get in when I needed to. I travel 200+ miles to go to Cambridge and would travel 400 if I had t0. Dr. Herrman did an awesome job giving me a great smile even though he did not have much to work with. Even Dr. Wright came in on that first visit and gave his opinion on how to proceed…Dr. Herrman was already doing what Dr. Wright suggested. There was just a great TEAM of people who make up Cambridge Family Dentistry from when you walk in the door to when you walk out.
– Frank
5-starsMy family and I Love Dr. Polk and Cambridge Family Dentistry!!! They are sweet, professional, and Dr. Polk is a hoot!!! Best dentist in town!!!
– LaKeshia
5-starsI have been using Cambridge for a long time, Dr. Wright, Julie, and the rest of staff take very good care of me. I would highly recommend them for your dental needs.
– Doug
5-starsI was in Dr. Wright’s chair for 2 and a half hours for what I though was going to be a $5500 procedure. During the process, he found that my bridge was in good enough shape to save and reset. He easily could have told me it wasn’t salvageable! He saved our family $4100 today! Thanks doc!
– Abby
5-starsWonderful staff, Dr. Johnson and her helper were awesome. For it being the first time I have had a tooth pulled they were awesome. I would recommend all my friends and family to go here to having anything done.
– Taylor
5-starsWho has the best dentist in the world? Me! Dr. Polk rocks. Seriously, I’m the biggest baby when it comes to dental work, but he always puts me at ease. I appreciate that so much!!!
– Patricia
5-starsLove this place! The people that work here are amazing! Everyone is nice and always do what they can to make me feel so comfortable. Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do, but they make it easy!!
– Amy
5-starsDr. Wright. Was a blessing from heaven. He fixed my teeth just like my original. I feel like the cost was good. I wood recommend him to anyone.
– Fred
5-starsDr Polk and his team were just amazing, I had an emergency, they got me in the same morning and wow, what an amazing job, their top priority was “no pain”!!! I Would recommend them always.
– Tim
5-starsDr. Wright has done very good job on my implants.the best thing I every done. Just great
– Joe
5-starsI love the fit of my new dentures. The implants make all the difference! I can finally eat again. Dr. Vessali was patient and kind. I would 100 percent recommend her to my family and friends.
– Renata
5-starsThe entire staff at Cambridge Family Dentistry is totally professional from top to bottom. From the moment you first walk in the door you are greeted with a smile. You are made to feel at home. The dentist that took care of me was one of the most capable dentists I have ever had work on my teeth. Believe me I have had many. The technicians are all well schooled in their job and all are cheerful and make you feel totally at ease. I would recommend Cambridge to anyone needing dental care.
– Gerold
5-starsDr. Wright did a wonderful job on my implants! I can smile and eat things I never could without them!! He gave me all the information I needed and at a cost I could afford! His staff is super nice and very helpful! I recommend it to everyone with dentures!
– Bill
5-starsFor what I needed done I feel I could not of picked a more caring or professional place. Dr vessel and her assistants did a wonderful job and took very good care of me. I would not hesitate to come back or send others here.
– Teresa
5-starsBest root canal ever, relaxed and no pain
– Jane
5-starsDr. Polk and his dental assistant went out of their way to make a very nervous patient as comfortable as possible. He explained everything to me that needed to be done in a clear and concise manner, and went about extracting the offending tooth. My anxiety level was as high as it could get, but he kept reassuring me I was doing fine. I highly recommend Cambridge Family Dentistry, and especially Dr. Polk if you are having any dental problems and anxiety about getting them taken care of. Thank you Dr. Polk!
– Dana
5-starsThe doctor and his dental hygienist were very gentle and cared very much about how you were doing. hey are awesome and did an amazing job!
– Jenna
5-starsfirst came to r wright about 12 years ago when he was at his old location. he clinic has grown, but the excellent service countinues! live in great bend, so whenever have to have lab work done on my implants or dentures, dr wright makes sure it is done that day, saving me a trip back to ichita! hanks dr wright!
– Suzane
5-starsI always come away feeling that I\’ve FINALLY found a place that listens and cares about what I want, not just what I need. I can recommend the staff to others knowing they\’ll do an awesome job, regardless of who\’s asking.
– Jana
5-starsDr. Wright is a very jolly person, I am an observer and I\’ve never seen such professionalism at any other dentist office. The staff is really nice. Also the office is really clean.
– Naaima
5-starsVery pleasant visit and friendly staff
– Neema
5-starsSwitched from a very large practice to Cambridge about a year ago and am very pleased. Smaller office with personable people – you’re not just a name on a calendar that’s getting pushed thru. Definitely recommend Dr Hermann and Dr Johnson!
– Natalie
5-starsI love this dentist office! I never have to wait for my appointment. Friendly staff, all around. I have a chip in my tooth that never stayed more than a few months, but Dr. Johnson worked on it and it has stayed put for two years now. Even though I have moved to the west side, I will keep going out east because it is such a great office!
– Sarah
5-starsI always have a positive experience at Cambridge. My dentist and their hygienist go above and beyond with my routine appointments. The office is tidy and clean.
– Jonathan
5-starsDr Wright did an amazing job on my crowns, I get compliments all the time on my smile, and people have no idea that they are crowns. Dr. Wright and Reva are knowledgeable, compassionate, and talented. The staff is always friendly and the waiting is minimal. I won’t go to anyone else.
– Cari
5-starsThe Higentist and Dentists that I’ve been seeing here and been very helpful in explaining what they are doing as they are completing the work and are overall very friendly and ensured there was no discomfort. I would recommend seeing them to others.
– Larry
5-starsMy family (wife, 2 kids & I) have been going to Cambridge for 20+ years. Even during a short divorce (I remarried same 1st wife) the only thing we didn’t split up was Cambridge. Have never had a unhappy moment there, they are alway carrying, nearly painless and helpful in every way. Dr. Wright allowed me to pay my bill over time early on when the money was tight. Nicest medical people I know from top to bottom. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation. I’ve had tons of work including implants and everything is working great. GO – YOU COULDN’T BE HAPPIER WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE…
– Joe