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Dental Implants

Which Dental Implant Material Is Right for Me? | Dental Implant, Wichita, Kansas

Dental Implant in Wichita
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You’re probably somewhat familiar with the concept of dental implants as they are among the most popular restorative dental practices offered, but you may be wondering what material these implants are made of. The truth is, dental implants can be crafted from various materials, including zirconia and titanium. Because there is an abundance of information regarding dental implants, our dentists at Cambridge Family Dentistry have provided some key factors to consider when deciding which material will work best for your dental implant in Wichita, Kansas. Keep reading as we explore the differences between zirconia and titanium implants below!

  • Zirconia Dental Implants

    Dental implants are permanent smile solutions consisting of a dental crown connected to a tooth implant with an abutment. One popular implant material used by patients of all ages is zirconia, also known as zirconium-oxide, a material chemically derived from zircon, consisting of both zirconium and oxygen elements. Due to its transitional metal status, zirconia has the strength of metal with the heat-resistant power of ceramic, making it an ideal material for dental implants.

    Zirconia implants have become increasingly popular in recent years and have been used in the United States since 2007 due to their naturally white coloring and non-metal makeup. This has made them a plausible alternative to titanium implants for patients concerned with keeping metal out of your mouth entirely. Aside from their “metal-free” marketing, zirconia implants offer a variety of benefits for patients in need of a permanent solution. 


    Benefits of Zirconia Implants

    Hypoallergenic—Zirconia implants are hypoallergenic, meaning that patients will not experience allergies or develop sensitivity like with other materials such as titanium.
    Corrosion Resistant—Because zirconia is bioinert, it won’t migrate to other parts of your body or corrode in a wet environment, whereas other materials have been found to corrode due to excessive wetness and specific types of toothpaste.
    Biocompatibility— Zirconia is biocompatible and offers high acceptance rates of osseointegration within the body, meaning that bone can grow around the implant material similarly as it would with a natural tooth root.
    Improved Oral Health—Ceramic materials have a very smooth finish, making it more difficult for plaque to gather around the tooth without the appearance of small crevices. Zirconia also has a non-polar structure, making it less likely for bacteria to adhere to it. These implants often lead to very clean and healthy oral hygiene.

  • Titanium Dental Implants

    While both zirconia and titanium implants are great permanent solutions to a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, the most commonly used dental implant material today is titanium. Dental practices in the United States have used titanium implants since the 1960s and have had a 90 percent success rate among patients, making them highly sought after. Due to their two-piece system and extreme strength, these implants also have many benefits to offer patients.


    Benefits of Titanium Implants

    Two-Piece System—Titanium implant materials and designs can be produced in a two-piece system, meaning that a separate abutment piece sits atop the implant and connects it to the replacement crown. The other component consists of a post surgically implanted in the bone. This two-piece system allows the dentist to have more control when placing the implant, something that zirconia does not allow since it consists of a single-piece implant.
    Biocompatibility—Similar to zirconia implants, titanium is biocompatible and offers high acceptance rates of osseointegration within the body. This material will fuse directly with the human bone and closely match the human body.
    Customizability—Because titanium implants are a two-piece system, your dentist can make a custom implant for you that solves potential bone deficiency, making your smile shine even if you are experiencing bone loss.
    Strength—Titanium implants are incredibly strong and have flexible properties that help resist fractures, compared to zirconia implants with a lower elasticity.

  • Choosing the Right Material for You

    With the increasing amount of information regarding zirconia and titanium implants, many patients experience difficulty deciding which material they prefer. While both materials provide great permanent solutions for your missing tooth or teeth, we want to ensure you are comfortable and confident with your final decision. If you are still unsure what dental implant material is suitable for you, our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry can help guide you through the process and ensure you are happy with the end results!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in all articles published on the Cambridge Family Dentistry website do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff members at Cambridge Family Dentistry.

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