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Am I a Good Candidate for Adult Braces? | Orthodontics, Wichita

Orthodontics in Wichita
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Many adults face the same low self-esteem issues and desire for a picture-perfect smile that accompanies having imperfect teeth. While many patients believe it may be too late in life to correct their smile, our team at Cambridge Family Dentistry has team members highly skilled in orthodontics in Wichita, Kansas, and helps adult patients determine if braces are the right solution for them. Learn more about adult braces and find out if you are the ideal candidate today!

  • Lack of Self-Confidence

    There are multiple reasons patients may seek out adult braces, one of the top reasons being a continued lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem resulting from dental issues. A greater sense of self-confidence has been associated with a greater overall well-being, so it’s still important to consider the aesthetic reasons for undergoing adult braces. If your parents did not prioritize orthodontic work while you were growing up or were unable to afford the proper treatment, remember—it’s never too late to address your concerns with your orthodontist or dental care provider to achieve the picturesque smile you’ve always dreamed of!

  • Long-Term Dental Issues

    In addition to aesthetic purposes, there are a variety of dental issues that may cause an adult patient to seek out orthodontic treatment, like braces, later in life. Some of these conditions include the following:

    Overbites and Underbites—Overbites, when the upper teeth overlap a patient’s lower teeth, can cause additional wear and damage on the teeth and eventually result in chronic jaw pain due to the misalignment. Underbites, when the lower teeth protrude outward further than the upper teeth, can lead to difficulties chewing, swallowing, and speaking, increasing a patient’s chances of developing tooth decay. Because of this, it’s important that individuals experiencing overbites or underbites seek orthodontic treatment to correct the issue and prevent further dental issues down the road.

    Gapping—Excessive gapping between teeth can make it more difficult to control plaque and tartar as food particles easily become wedged between the gum line, causing gum disease and bad breath.

    Crowding—While gapping between teeth can lead to poor dental health, overcrowding can also make it difficult for patients to brush and floss their teeth properly. Additionally, if your teeth overlap severely, you may feel as if your jaw isn’t large enough to contain all of your teeth!

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