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Your six-month visits to the dentist are as crucial to the longevity of your oral health as your at-home dental care. However, it’s possible that even with regular professional and at-home care, you can still experience dental problems. Our team offers three signs it’s time to see the dentist even if you aren’t due for your next scheduled checkup:

– Bleeding gums: If you have been told  that bleeding gums after brushing or flossing your teeth is normal, we are here to tell you otherwise. Bleedings gums are a common sign of gum disease or another periodontal issue, and prolonged periods without treatment could cause you lose a tooth or  develop a weakened jawbone.

– Pregnancy: Visits to the dentist during pregnancy may need to occur more frequently since your gums can become more sensitive to plaque and inflammation, increasing your risk of gum disease. Studies have found a link between gum disease and pregnancy risks, including low birth weight. We encourage you to visit the dentist regularly and follow any care instructions he provides.

– Tooth sensitivity: If your teeth feel sensitive to heat or cold, causing sensations of tooth pain, you may be suffering from tooth decay, a troubled dental filling, or the buildup of plaque. To find ways to alleviate your discomfort, we encourage you to see the dentist.            

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