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A dental crown is a fixed dental restoration that covers the visible portion of the tooth. A dental crown is designed specifically for your smile. Dr. Dean Wright may suggest a dental crown in Wichita, Kansas, to:

– Support a tooth that has had a large dental filling or multiple fillings where there isn’t much remaining tooth structure
– Protect a weak or cracked tooth
– Support and restore a broken tooth
– Hold a dental bridge in place
– Cover a dental implant
– Cover and improve the appearance of a stained or misshaped tooth
– Support a tooth that has had root canal treatment performed on it

It is possible for a dental crown can last a lifetime, but they can become loose or fall out. To help your dental crown have a long and happy life, exercise proper dental hygiene. Brush your teeth and crown twice a day. In addition, it is imperative that you floss daily, including the area around your crown. Another way to aid the health of your dental crown is to visit Cambridge Family Dentistry at least two times a year for a dental checkup. You can avoid damage to your new dental crown by avoiding chewing on hard foods, ice, or other hard things.

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