Why Choose Cambridge Family Dentistry?

Cambridge Family Dentistry is a local practice—a Kansas practice. Most of our doctors and staff are natives who grew up in and around Wichita. We are proud of our success and take pleasure in seeing our patients’ smiles every day in our neighborhoods.

And, while we’re a thriving Kansas practice, Cambridge Family Dentistry has a national reputation, too. You see, our dentists have traveled far to locations such as New York and California as well as Alaska, to learn the latest in mini dental implant technology.

Dr. Dean Wright is one of the pioneers of mini dental implant usage. In fact, he sits on an advisory board for 3M, the manufacturer of the Imtec mini implant. The mini implant is a bio-compatible titanium implant that can be placed in the bones of the jaw—often without the need for an incision. Once the implants are in place, they allow denture users to actually snap their dentures in place without the need for messy adhesives to keep them snug. When this technology first came on the market, Dr. Wright was naturally interested in seeing how it could benefit his patients.

Soon, he found himself traveling around the country, lecturing about the new mini implants and teaching other dentists. While a valuable endeavor, the extensive travel was eventually keeping Dr. Wright away from his own practice too long, decided to spend more time in Wichita, taking care of his own patients, while perfecting his implant procedure. This is why dentists from across the nation have come to Cambridge Family Dentistry — to observe and learn about Dr. Wright’s implant techniques. They get to see his work first-hand — as he works on his patients.

Dr. Wright keeps in touch with his students, and remains up- to- date on the latest changes in the field. Tens of thousands of mini implant procedures have been performed using techniques Dr. Wright has helped to develop and teach.

What does this mean for you?
It is well known in the medical community there are many places you can turn for treatment, but the standards of care are routinely higher at a teaching facility. Because of this, we believe Cambridge Family Dentistry is right for you.

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