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All you need to know about mini dental implants

Dental implants at Cambridge are easier and more painless than ever. We have compiled a vast amount of knowledge to help you through the process. Cambridge was an early pioneer in establishing implants as a superior, permanent, and more natural looking and feeling option. If you or a loved one is considering either type of implant as an upgrade to secure dentures or to replace missing teeth more permanently, then this is an excellent resource to help you understand the procedure as well as get to know the doctors who perform these implant surgeries.

Cambridge Family Dentistry

Mini Dental Implants


Kinds of Dental Implants

Dental implants are substitute tooth roots which anchor a replacement tooth or crown, a set of replacement teeth, or a denture plate. We have worked on many different kinds of dental implants, from the basic cosmetic fixes, to mouths suffering with gum disease. The options for you vary from the larger root-form implants to the newer smaller mini-dental implants, also known as MDIs. You will discuss these options with our staff before you ever.

Who Gets Dental Implants?

More people with any missing or problem teeth or dentures, regardless of income, age or underlying dental or medical conditions, can now have a full set of functioning teeth in less than one day that all look, feel and work like their own natural teeth. Our implant protocol results in a much more convenient and affordable solution than conventional implants for most patients.

Same Day Results

There are few clinics in the country that can install implants, even mini-implants, and have them ready for the patient to eat that afternoon. We can! With full time doctor, a full staff, and various treatment options, Cambridge brings comfort and class to your dental procedure. We invest in the latest tools to ensure the best results. Cambridge has a track record of superior results with fewer complications and shorter recovery periods.


“On the day of my procedure, I was nervous, but Dr. Wright and the staff put me at ease. After the six implants were placed, I drove myself home and only used over the counter medication for the little discomfort I had.”


“My wife was tired of my complaining about my dentures and suggested I contact Cambridge Family Dentistry and the rest was, as they say, history.
How pleased I am with their work? I tell people about how I replaced my dentures in 2008 and once again I could eat apples and pickles”


“When we met Dr. Wright, even though I had a lot of bone loss, it did not scare him away. He was always there with a needed hug and encouragement, and he never gave up helping me. The implants worked. I am eating things now that I gave up on years ago.”


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