Top 6 Foods that Can Damage your Teeth

dental care foods to avoidWhile your tooth enamel is considered the hardest substance in the body, it is also deemed the most brittle. That’s why an important part of dental care includes being careful about what you eat. Don’t forget, if you have large restorations or fillings, your teeth are structurally compromised and more susceptible to fracture. There are several foods and instances which are known to cause the most structural damage to teeth:

  1. Candy
    Chomping down on any hard candies, such as lollipops, jawbreakers, peanut brittle or sour balls, will likely result in damaged teeth. While tasty, try to stay clear of frozen candy as it is incredibly hard. Here’s a dental care tip not all people know — you have to stay wary of those chewy candies such as jellybeans, nougat and saltwater taffy as they tend to stick to teeth and pull out a crown or filling.
  2. Popcorn
    This healthy, low-fat snack may seem innocent, but those kernels can severely damage your teeth. And don’t be tempted to chew on those final, unpopped kernels at the bottom of your buttered bowl, they will wreak havoc on your teeth.
  3. Olive pits
    Olives can also take people by surprise with their troublesome pits. Whether you didn’t realize the olives had pits inside or there was a glitch in pitting processing, biting down on an olive pit can easily crack your teeth.
  4. Hard, crunchy foods
    While tempting and delicious, crunchy foods can also cause some serious damage to your teeth. Be wary when biting into super crunchy foods such as croutons, Dutch pretzels, or biscotti.
  5. Ice cubes
    Another tip for proper dental care is to avoid chewing ice. It’s not only an annoying habit, but it is a dangerous one for your teeth. Continued chewing can cause cracks in your teeth and lead to decay or need for dental work.
  6. Using teeth as tools
    Admit it, we all do it in a pinch. Sometimes it just seems easier to rip open the packaging on a food product with your teeth than pulling out the scissors. Think twice before you try this again because this step can definitely wreak havoc on your mouth.

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