10 Reasons We Love Working with Children

Children’s dentistry carries with it a host of interesting challenges and rewards that may not be readily obvious to an observing parent or guardian. Here at Cambridge Family Dentistry, we love working with children. Although there are dozens of reasons, here are our top ten reasons why we love being a childrens dentist:

1. Curbing Anxiety While Young
A study carried out by Harvard Medical School found that 13 to 24 percent of adults surveyed are afraid of going to the dentist. By making a child’s early experiences positive, we can help your child become an adult who is not fearful of the dentist. This will help your child have better oral care throughout his or her life.

2. Watching the Results Come to Fruition
In children’s dentistry, the results are not always immediately apparent. We love to see a procedure go well over time, as your child grows. Not only is this a source of professional satisfaction, it sets your child up for healthy teeth and gums throughout his or her adult life.

3. Educating the Young
Plenty of adult dental issues stem from poor education in children. For example, children who do not learn to brush and floss their teeth properly may end up as adults with many dental issues due to poor hygiene techniques. Educating children brings us satisfaction because it affects the child’s future health.

4. Seeing Immediate Satisfaction
For a child with a painful baby tooth that simply will not come out on its own, nothing is quite like seeing their relief when the tooth is extracted and the discomfort is finally alleviated. This not only stops the pain, but it teaches your child that a childrens dentist is here to help.

5. Boosting Self Confidence
It is a wonderful thing to see an older child come in with chipped front teeth, receive treatment, and leave with a perfect smile again. Children can be very self-conscious of misaligned or chipped front teeth, and giving them the confidence to smile again is a huge reward for a childrens dentist.

6. Strengthening Teeth for Life
By providing fluoride treatments and filling any small cavities that occur, we are helping children to avoid a lot of dental issues later in life. These small actions now set your child up for a lifetime of healthy and functional teeth.

7. Diagnosing Other Issues Early
Sometimes, a misaligned jaw or inflammation in the tonsils is diagnosed during a routine dental exam. In children, these issues can often be resolved and help them avoid problems in the future.

8. Forming a Long-Term Plan
For children with severe malformations in their bite, cleft palates or other complex issues, it is important to formulate a long-term plan of treatment. Knowing exactly what to expect in the future makes surgeries and procedures easier on kids.

9. Watching Them Grow Up
It is quite satisfying and educational to watch a child grow from a toddler into an adult. As no two children are the same, no two sets of teeth are exactly the same either. This experience with children helps us to provide increasingly better dental care to all children who visit Cambridge Family Dentistry—now and in the future.

10. Educating Parents and Family Members
One of the best side benefits of doing dental work on children is the ripple effect. Some parents have come to us looking for the right childrens dentist for their kids and stayed to become patients themselves.

Does your child need a dental checkup? It’s worth saying again: Here at Cambridge Family Dentistry, we love working with children. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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