Can Periodontal Disease Cause Heart Disease?

Can Periodontal Disease Cause Heart DiseaseIt appears that the answer is “Yes, periodontal disease can cause heart disease — and several other serious systemic pathologies.”

Periodontal disease is correlated with, and appears somehow to sometimes cause, cardiovascular disease including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and kidney, pancreatic and blood cancers.

Scientists previously theorized that the bacterial colonies periodontal disease so often hosts were the mechanism that damaged other systems in the body. However, it now appears that periodontal disease triggers a multi-system inflammatory response throughout the body and this may more likely be the causation for some of the conditions that periodontal disease leads to.

Other conditions, such as respiratory disease, may in fact be caused just as previously thought, by bacterial migration. In the case of respiratory disease, the mechanism is thought to be aspiration into the lungs of bacterial colonies hosted by many untreated periodontal conditions.

You can read a summary of current research conclusions about the relationship of periodontal disease to other serious diseases on the American Academy of Periodontology here and here.

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